Go songs

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The number under "SB" refers to the Go Player's Song Book, published in 1996 by Roding Music. This book is out of print and will not be reprinted, but most of the songs which it contains appear on this list. The American Go Association Song Book is a text-only anthology of many American and a few European go songs, and is part of the Bob High Memorial Library.

Roding Music copyright notices appear on all the music pages. These are to protect Roding Music from commercial exploitation. If you are a private individual, please download, copy and perform these files. I would like to hear from you if you have found this page useful.

The komi song (below) won first prize in the 2009 Bob High Memorial Competition at the US Go Congress in Fairfax, Virginia.



1-1 point songJan Rüten-BuddeGerman trad.pdfSSMIDI--
Dumplin' ShapeKen KoesterUS trad.pdfSS1
Egyptian go songJaap BlomUS trad.pdfSS26
Ein Kyu wollte Shodan werdenJan Rüten-BuddeGerman trad.pdf SS11
Finnish team songVesa Laatikainen, Olli Luonela, Matti SiivolaFinnish trad.pdfSS24
Il n'y a pas de joueur heureuxDenis FeldmanFrench trad.pdfSS25
Invasions Raise Awkward QuestionsFrancis RoadsUS trad.pdfSS--
Isle of Man Go Congress song 1997Francis RoadsEnglish trad.pdfSS--
It ain't necessarily koNeil SymesNeil SymespdfSS6
I wanna go home tonightFrancis RoadsFrancis RoadspdfSS--
Jan's Congress SongJan Rüten-BuddeGerman trad.pdfSS6
Kossua LissääVesa Laatikainen, Olli Luonela, Matti SiivolaFinnish trad.pdfSS23
Marlborough townFrancis RoadsEnglish trad.pdf SS8
Niken tobiThomas NaumannFrench trad.pdfSS3
O my name it is Mark HallDavid SuttonUS trad.pdf SS7
Once I was five danFrancis RoadsUS trad.pdf SS*
Portuguese go songFrancis RoadsManx trad.pdf SS--
Some play like Tony GoddardBrian Castledine, Paul Prescott & othersEnglish trad.pdfSS4
Sylvia's go songSylvia KalischGerman trad.pdfSS22
The British invasion of the USAFrancis RoadsUS trad.pdfSS18
The damsel and the go playerFrancis RoadsEnglish trad.pdfSS--
The English 1-kyu's go banAndrew GrantEnglish trad.pdfSS2
The komi songFrancis RoadsUS trad.pdfSS--
The lightning player's lamentDavid SuttonEnglish trad.pdfSS27
The promotion songBrian Castledine, Paul Prescott, T Mark Hall & othersBritish Music Hall songpdf SSx10
The referee's songFrancis RoadsEnglish trad.pdf SS--
The rokudan songFrancis RoadsGerman trad.pdf SS12
The strong Dutch 1-kyuAndrew Grant, Matthew Macfadyen, Francis RoadsEnglish trad.pdfSS13
The tournament director's lamentAndrew GrantEnglish trad.pdfSS28
The weak kneed dansFrancis RoadsJacques OffenbachpdfSS5
Tick goes the clockFrancis RoadsAustralian trad.pdfSS19
To be a shodanJohn AllenEnglish trad.pdfSS14
Weiße GruppenSebastian Goette, Christoph Vielhauer German trad.pdfSS20
When a shodan rips you offPaul KingArthur SullivanpdfSS29
When I was a 20-kyuMatthew MacfadyenEnglish trad.pdfSS15
Yet another T Mark Hall songAndrew Grant, Francis RoadsWelsh trad.pdfSS30
2000 European Go Congress song Francis RoadsFranz Schubertpdf SS--
2006 European Go Congress songFrancis RoadsItalian trad.pdfSS--
2008 European Go Congress songFrancis RoadsSwedish trad.pdfSS--
2010 European Go Congress songFrancis RoadsFinnish trad.pdfSS--
2012 European Go Congress songFrancis RoadsGerman trad.pdfSS--
2013 European Go Congress songFrancis RoadsPolish trad.pdf SS--
2015 European Go Congress songFrancis RoadsCzech trad.pdf SS--
2018 European Go Congress songFrancis RoadsItalian anon. pdfSS--
Top TitleAuthorComposerpdfSS--